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Eczema is a general name for skin conditions that vary from red swollen tissues to even broken or bleeding dry sores. The cause will vary person to person depending on what type of eczema condition that they may have. Eczema is not contagious and with proper prevention and eczema treatment methods inflammation can be reduced, but the skin will always remain sensitive to flare-ups and require extra care.
Because eczema has such a broad category of symptoms it also has an immense variety of treatments. Eczema Treatment will vary person by person and case to case, even an eczema treatment that worked for someone while they where a child or infant may not help relief any symptoms once they become an adult. Many cases may arise early in life then clear later or never become an issue till someone reaches a certain age.
Its safe say that most eczema patients have very sensitive skin and that everyone should avoid daily contact with products that expose them to chemicals, since the primary sources of Chemical on Body Contact* (CBC) are soaps, skin creams and clothes (laundry Residue) We recommend changing to products that eliminate all forms of CBC.
Once all of the environmental irritations are removed from the equation, Eczema Treatment and primary Cause of eczema become more obvious. In Many Cases the CBC’s themselves are responsible for most types of eczema.


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